Our Program

Sample Curriculum

HCS curriculum develops in response to student interest, building on seasonal cues and educational building blocks. The students are currently in the midst of an alphabet curriculum where each week a letter is introduced. For M week, students are doing mapping activites, exploring mazes taped out on the floors, experimenting with magnets, and painting with marbles for example. Science experiments, music programming, and our planting and tending our garden plot are a few examples of classroom focus. Co-op participation introduces additional expertise and breadth of experience.

While at Harbor City School your child will have the opportunity to:

• Begin discovering his/her own potential
• Develop independence, take risks & try new things
• Develop decision making skills & make choices
• Learn to respect others’ rights, differences & needs
• Explore & appreciate cultural, social & individual diversity
• Learn to share & participate in a group
• Interact with peers & adults to develop verbal & nonverbal communication of needs, thoughts & experiences
• Experience reading on their own, one on one with an educator, and in small & large groups
• Develop a sense of dignity, responsibility & self-worth
• Learn to problem solve and accept suggestions
• Learn to temper her/his actions and reactions in an acceptable manner
• Learn through hands-on experiences enhanced by field trips & visitors
• Learn about nutrition, health, & personal safety
• Develop a love of learning while having fun
• Develop greater dexterity, eye-hand coordination, & fine & gross motor skills
• Observe nature & encourage curiosity about the world
• Enjoy and express themselves with a variety of art forms & materials
• Learn to communicate, express ideas, & relate happily with peers & adults

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