It’s been an adventurous week for us at Harbor City School!  We kicked off our week by making our final harvest from our garden.  The impending cold weather is not good news for our plants.  We were blown away by what an enormous harvest we gathered!  We hauled in potatoes, corn, green beans, cucumbers, radishes, tomatoes, greens, and a variety of herbs.  Some of these will be stored to dry and use later, others will be cooked, processed, or pickled for snacks very soon!  We were hoping to spend today clearing the rest of the plants from our plot, but the muddy ground foiled us.  Instead, we read a few books about Jack Frost and made our own frosty windows with contact paper and yarn.  We’ve hung them in our windows and hope that Jack Frost likes our work when he comes to visit us soon!

Another exciting adventure this week came in the form of a local field trip to the police station!  The Tugboats were so excited to visit the folks at Station 7 in East Boston.  We got to tour their facility and see where “the bad guys go,” as well as how they collect fingerprints.  The officers lets us investigate a squad car and a truck, and we even got to turn on the siren!  After all of that excitement, plus the long walk, we were quite hungry–and they surprised us with pizza!  The Tugboats are always excited to learn about jobs in our community, and we all feel very good knowing how hard our police force works to keep us safe.  This week was also our second week of yoga, and the Tugboats are really enjoying it!  Check out the photos below to see some of the poses we’ve learned!