Our Community

Why a Coop?
• Lowers program administration costs
• Provides parents the opportunity to shape their child’s curriculum
• Allows parents to get to know their child’s friends and classmates
• Allows parents to actively observe their child in school
• Eases children’s transitions to school environment through parents’

Coop Components
Families have four responsibilities as co‐op members:

  1. Administrative job,  tasks are very manageable each job has  1-2 hours of tasks monthly.
  2. Monthly classroom participation (or opt-out fee)
  3. 1 intensive cleaning weekend per year, cleaning weekends are pre‐scheduled twice per month; families can request the weekend that best suits their schedules. Families may opt out of cleaning by paying a fee of $180 (payable in monthly installments).
  4. Help coordinate and present 1 fundraising event per year, 2 fundraisers will be scheduled each year; families can request the event that best suits their schedules