Harbor City School has an exciting opportunity for an experienced preschool director, beginning August 2013.

The Harbor City School Director is responsible for all aspects of HCS programming and operations, in accordance with MA DEEC licensure requirements, and with the HCS mission and established protocols and guidelines. The HCS director is a full time position and reports to the HCS Board of Directors.
Director responsibilities include but are not limited to:
Program Development and Planning

  • Works with HCS Board of Directors to establish short and long term program and organizational development goals

Curriculum and Classroom Management

  • Oversees planning and implementation of curriculum by teaching team
  • Conducts classroom assessment; analyzes data; collaborates with teaching team to implement results of assessment
  • Manages classroom materials; secures additional materials as needed
  • As needed, provides direct classroom instruction
  • Maintains safe classroom environment; ensures materials are in safe working condition and replaces as necessary
  • Assists in providing adaptive services to students as necessary


  • Manages student admissions and retention in accordance with HCS enrollment procedures and guidelines
  • Collaborates with Board Enrollment Coordinator to conduct Open Houses and tours

Parent/Member Relations

  • Collaborates with Board Co-op Coordinator to manage co-op participation
  • Supervises volunteers and co-op helpers
  • Communicates with parents/co-op members
  • Provides regular updates of individual children’s development; conducts conferences; assists in acquiring adaptive services as necessary
  • Manages approaches to behavioral issues; relays information regarding injuries and other incidents
  • Addresses member concerns and questions
  • Conveys policy changes

Hiring and Supervising Staff

  • Ensures that HCS is appropriately and professionally staffed at all times
  • Responsible for all aspects of personnel management including hiring, scheduling, supervision, and firing, in accordance with HCS personnel policies and procedures
  • Conducts regular observations of staff; provides support, professional development, and assessment

Administrative Duties

  • Manages School finances
  • Establishes and submits for Board approval annual budget
  • Manages accounts payable and receivable; submits monthly finance reports
  • Collaborates with Board Treasurer to ensure that finances are maintained accurately; supports Board Treasurer in all federal and state tax filings
  • Manages and maintains billing, payroll
  • Compliance
  • Maintains high level, up to date proficiency in applicable Massachusetts Department of Early Education and Care (MA DEEC) licensing requirements
  • Ensures School’s compliance with all licensing and safety regulations as issued by the MA DEEC
  • Ensures that staff and children’s files up to date and accurate

Board Relations

  • Collaborates with Board of Directors (officers and committee coordinators) to ensure delegation and completion of necessary functions
  • Collaborates with President to establish annual and monthly goals
  • Provides necessary information to Clerk/Communications Coordinator, Events Coordinator to support duties
  • Communicates needs to Curriculum Coordinator, Co-op Coordinator
  • Collaborates with Enrollment Coordinator to establish and meet goals

Community Relations

  • Represents HCS at community events and forums
  • Builds opportunities for community interaction and engagement
  • Uses all applicable communication devices to represent HCS operations to public
  • These include, but are not limited to: HCS website, blog, Facebook

Candidates will need to exhibit good judgment, embody HCS’s core values and excel in the ability to relate to and support additional staff, parents, students, community, and board of directors.
The position will be located at the school in East Boston.

Experience and Licensing


  • MA DEEC Director Level 1 Certified
  • Minimum BA in Early Childhood or related field
  • Minimum 3 years’ experience in early childhood classroom management/instruction
  • Proven administrative, management, and supervisory skills
  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Spanish proficiency a plus
  • Experience with special education a plus
  • First Aid and CPR certified

Critical Competences for Success:

  • Strong oral and written communication skills
  • Strong interpersonal skills necessary for forming positive internal and external relationships as an ambassador of the school
  • Both big picture and detail oriented thinker, highly organized and able to manage multiple ongoing situations on different timetables
  • Forward thinking and able to develop specific plans that address the broader goals of the school
  • Comfortable in a consensus-oriented position
  • High intellect and energy, self-motivated, resourceful and flexible
  • Strong work ethic
  • A pleasant and engaging personality that commands attention and respect, combined with the ability to influence. Persuasive and thoughtful
  • Impeccable integrity

To apply, send resume and cover letter to