E is for Exercise!



Today’s E projects involved as much physical activity as we could today!  While today’s projects were planned over a week ago, it just worked out perfectly that these activities were necessary on a rainy day!

Earlier this week, Peter developed “The E Street Project.”  While it sounds like our tribute to Bruce Springsteen, it is actually a cooperative building project.  The letter E is taped out on the floor and functions as a road.  Around the E are different color-tape shapes that function as a hospital, firehouse, and zoo.  The E Street Project takes up so much floor space that it has to be a group building activity.  It encourages team work and communication, as the children must talk to each other about their ideas and how they intersect with one another.  This is a very popular choice during morning free time.

During Circle Time, we sit right on top of the E Street Project, so it lent itself perfectly for our next activity: human letters!  Developed by curriculum team member and parent, Kristy, the human letter project also involves teamwork.  The children use their bodies to form the shape of the letter on the floor.  With the tape already down from E Street, the children simply had to fill the space with themselves!  Check it out!

Finally, after spending some rainy time on the playground, we came indoors to do some more exercising!  The children used large spoons and musical shakers shaped like eggs to have an in-class egg-and-spoon race!  The shaker eggs were perfect because they had the weight and stability of real eggs with less risk of breakage and mess.  The large spoons scaffolded the children for greater success, although there were still a few dropped eggs.  Finally, the children were racing in teams, so they had an opportunity to practice cheering and encouraging one another!