Happy New (School) Year!


Oh my goodness!  How have we arrived at this week already???  It seems like only yesterday that our “first days of school” were just a glimmer in my eye, and here we are now.  The “first days of school” are now the spring in my step, the excitement in our voices and the coffee in my cup!

It’s been an adventurous few days at Harbor City School.  We’ve learned each other’s names and favorite colors.  We’ve practiced answering “Here!” at roll call and walking in lines to the park.  We’ve welcomed new animals into our tank, including shrimp, fish, and a crawfish.  We’ve harvested 1 watermelon and several winter beans.  We’ve even discovered a friendly monster, Gertrude, who lives under our snack table!

Take a stroll through some of my favorite pictures from these precious first few days.  We’ve still got plenty of space left for enrollment!  For more information or to schedule a tour, email me at carissa@harborcitykids.org.