Imaginary Characters


We wrapped up our Characters We Love unit this week by focusing on imaginary characters that frequently make appearances in our play!  We talked about princesses, zombies, monsters, and unicorns this week  Each taking a day to review what we love (and what we’d like to leave to our imaginations!) and how we can be like these characters.

While we made our own prince or princess crowns, we talked about the letter P, the /p/ sound, and made a list of words that begin with the same sound.  We came up with quite a list!  On our monster day, we practiced collaborative art making by drawing three large monsters in which each child contributed a feature for the monster.  Zombie science day brought experiments combining baking soda and vinegar (so fizzy!) as well as water, oil, and Alka-Seltzer tablets (home-made lava lamps!)  We rounded out the week by imagining what would happen if unicorns had more than one horn, then practicing counting out the horns.  In addition to all of this excitement, we also took a local field trip to see a puppet show at Maverick Landing.  It’s been a busy week–check out some of the fun we’ve had!