We’ve been bugging out this week at Harbor City School learning all about insects!  We are two weeks into our study of Spring, and insects are a very important sign of spring.  Insects are attracted to plants, and if they are snooping around for food, the plants must be on their way!  The Tugboats have investigated ladybugs, butterflies, worms, ants, caterpillars, and beetles.  We’ve voted on our favorite crawly creatures, we’ve made insects from a wide variety of materials, and we’ve observed some real bugs out in the park.   When the rains kept us off of the playground, we went for an I Spy walk, noticing the signs of spring all around us.  Check out the photos of our adventures below!

We were also thrilled to have our second installment of music, thanks to the support of the Countdown to Kindergarten program.  Zhi taught us all about the Chinese zodiac in our class this week, and our favorite librarian, Emily, stopped by for a story and craft!  We got a surprise “visit” from one of our crawfish.  Buster molted this week, shedding his old shell so he could grow into a new one.  We’ve loved observing his old empty shell and looking up new videos and information about how crawfish molt.