Our Earth: Week 3


What an adventurous week we had last week!  Between the late-winter/early spring snow storm on Tuesday and our field trip to the Museum of Science on Thursday, we’ve all felt a little topsy turvy!  The Tugboats examined the tricky letter G last week, and learned about the two different sounds it sometimes makes.  They also looked closely at plants and noticed the important parts of plants, as well as the jobs each plant has.  To get a better sense of how plants send food and water from roots to leaves, we did a little experiment with some celery and colored water.  Check out our vibrant results in the photos below!  And of course, we explored all sorts of fun and exciting topics on our trip the Museum of Science!  The Tugboats spent time blowing bubbles, studying bones, comparing different scales and models, using air to move objects, and pretending to be astronauts.  We can’t wait for another trip to the Museum!

DSCN1716 DSCN1722 DSCN1724 GiantChair IMG_3249 IMG_3254 IMG_3256 IMG_3261 IMG_3262 IMG_3264 IMG_3266 IMG_3268 IMG_3279 IMG_3295 IMG_3297 IMG_3298 SpaceWindow