Outdoor Adventures



Despite the excitement over Mr. Peter’s birthday (HURRAY!), it has been a pretty low-key Tuesday here at Harbor City School.  We enjoyed having Antonella’s mom, Christina (another C-name for C-week!) in the classroom with us.  Christina dives right into dramatic play, which is a favorite of the kids’.  Everyone was so excited to cook up some breakfast for her!  We also discovered her knack for making up songs, as each child requested a special song from her about how they put on their coats.  What a treat!

Today’s post’s picture comes from one of our afternoon adventures, which seldom get documented here on the blog.  First of all, I write the blog during nap time and before the afternoon adventures have really begun.  Secondly, our afternoons are often more laid-back than our mornings because a few of our friends go home at lunch time.  Yesterday, we took advantage of our low numbers to set up a small obstacle course in the open, grassy space at the Bremen St. Park.  We used the long tunnel to climb through (or pretend to be a worm!), as well as the colorful cones to practice running in Figure 8s.

"They were cones!" (Name that movie!)

Crawling Cuties.

Preschool Puppy Pile!

They're going in!

Although we are eager and excited to welcome new friends to our classroom community, Peter and I really cherish these low-ratio times during our start-up phase.  We’re had so many opportunities to spend quality one-on-one time with each of our Tugboats and it’s been a real pleasure getting to know them each so well.