No, we did not have popcorn for snack today.  We did the Popcorn dance!  As some know and many are surprised to discover, the popular ’90s band Bare Naked Ladies (unfortunate name to be dropped on a preschool website, I know!) created an amazing CD of very clean, very catchy, very silly songs for children.  We’ve been listening to this CD occasionally in the classroom, and some of our favorites include “Allergies,” “Eraser,” and “Popcorn!”  The rain kept us inside today, so we made up for our lack of playground time by boogying down!

First, the children start as popcorn kernels:

Next, they begin to pop:

Then they pop like crazy!

Dancing in the classroom is not just a fantastic way to use up some of our kinetic energy.  It also provides an opportunity for the children to express their individuality.  All of the children have signature moves that they love to bust when the music turns on; as they observe one another, they imitate and learn new moves, at the same time feeling honored and excited that a friend is imitating their moves.  Many of our students attend ballet or other types of dance classes on days when they do not come to Harbor City.  Dancing in the classroom provides them another avenue to bring their home lives into the classroom.  They also love seeing grown-ups dance and be silly too!