Rainforest Reptiles!


We welcomed our second guest educator into the classroom this morning, thanks to a grant from MassPort supporting community education via field trips and guest educators.  We were so excited to have Rainforest Reptiles join us today!  A local company based out of Beverly, MA, this collection of biologists offer classroom visits and parties to teach about a variety of reptiles and amphibians, as well as the importance of rainforest conservation.  Our guest herpetologist, Bethany, brought several terrariums that are home to various snakes, tarantulas, scorpions, frogs, and turtles.  After observing these creatures in their terrariums, she showed us the 4 stars of the show: Georgie the red-footed tortoise, Snoopy the black and white tegu lizard, Louie the common boa constrictor, and Ginger the alligator!  Bethany taught us about each creature’s habitat, how and what it likes to eat, and how big and old each would grow to be.  The Tugboats were amazed to learn that Georgie could live to be 200 years old, or that Louie would weigh as much as 2 4-year olds when he is fully grown!  A few brave volunteers helped Bethany demonstrate that snakes aren’t slimy, or that snake skin is made of the same material as human hair.  After the show, everyone got an opportunity to pet Ginger.  A simple piece of scotch tape was all she needed to know not to snip snap at any of our fingers!