The Fish Have Names!


Well, two of the fish have names.

If you’ve visited our classroom, you’ve surely seen the beautiful fish tank we have featured in our science center.  The tank, as well as its bubble-breathing contents, were generously donated to HCS by the school’s dear friends, Patrick and Chloe.  We love our class pets!

Our lovely fish tank!

We started our tank with several shrimp, who did a fantastic job of cleaning up the water.  They swim so fast!  Once the shrimp had adjusted, Patrick brought us some very interesting creatures: an orange fish, a fish with stripes, two silver fish with black fins, and a crawfish!  Many of our friends call the crawfish a lobster; we’re working on that one!

This morning, we decided to begin naming our fishy friends.  In order to save some of the fun for our friends who weren’t here today, we started with the two silver fish.  We couldn’t decide if they were twins or best friends, but they seem to do everything together!  We brainstormed several names, some more silly than others, and voted.  After the final tally, these two fish have been named:

Flower and Pen!

We later did wax-resist paintings of our aquarium, using crayons to color our fish and watercolor paint to represent the water.

Stop by sometime and meet Flower and Pen!