Wheaton College Supports HCS!



Santa came to Harbor City School a little early this year in the form of one of my friends and former classmates, Barrett Roberts!  Barrett took his position as head coach of Wheaton’s Swimming and Diving program around the same time that we opened Harbor City School, and he asked about any ways in which his team could help us in our start-up phase.  We talked about our needs and decided that a supply drive would be the most helpful for us, as well as the most fun for his team.  Barrett has always been an amazingly supportive friend, but he really outdid himself this time!  He arrived this morning with 3 large bins filled with art materials, office supplies, and new toys!

We are so thankful!

After we explored the new materials, we decided to break into our new stampers and poster paints to make our Wheaton friends a thank you sign!  It’s still drying, so I’ll have photos of the finished product later:

Jungle animal stamps in HCS red!

The generous gift from the Wheaton Swimming and Diving team includes many items our classroom was lacking, including jump ropes and several musical instruments.  They also stocked us up on many art supplies that we use up and have to replace, like paints, crayons, markers, collage materials, and over 150 paint brushes!  I truly am overwhelmed by this support from students at my alma mater.  The words “thank you” do not fully express my gratitude.  I’d call that a wonderful alumni connection!